Newborn half-buckle baby carrier Aneta, raspberry
Last pieces
Newborn half-buckle baby carrier Aneta, raspberry
Newborn half-buckle baby carrier Aneta, raspberry
Newborn half-buckle baby carrier Aneta, raspberry
Newborn half-buckle baby carrier Aneta, raspberry
Newborn half-buckle baby carrier Aneta, raspberry

Newborn half-buckle baby carrier Aneta, raspberry

Ergonomic half buckle mei-tai baby carier with binding shoulder straps, for sizes 60-92
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We have hopelessly fallen in love with the versatility of this baby carrier. Babies 2-3 months old as well as a two-year-old toddler can be carried in this carrier while still assuming an ideal ergonomic position.

What is this so-called ergonomic position? When and why should it be sought? All the essential information has been summarized in the following article.

The carrier has a classic lined hipster band fitted with a clip yet it is provided with binding shoulder straps, which are reinforced in the shoulder area and rather widened in the lower part. This enables the baby to wrapped all around its body as if carried in a scarf carrier. Carriers of such type are considered the most suitable especially for newborns owing to its wide straps that allow the baby to be fixed in a position while preventing their body from collapsing. They can also supplement insufficient width of the strip of fabric in between the child’s legs. The child is wrapped in a multilayer thus more supporting hold, you find especially useful with older children.

The shoulder straps can be tied under the baby’s legs too, without being widely stretched over the baby’s back. There is no need to be worried about mounting the baby correctly in the carrier as anybody even the fathers or grandmothers are capable of doing so with just a little practice. 

If you have decided not to carry your baby in a scarf, then a carrier provided with binding straps is considered the most appropriate option, especially where newborns are concerned. Moreover, our carrier BC02 ‘grows’ with the baby since its width and length can be adjusted to fit your baby’s current size therefore it can be used far into the baby’s older age. The carrier is a perfect fit for newborns under 3kg as well as two-year-old toddlers (see detailed pictures in the photogallery HERE).

The baby can be carried on your chest, your back as well as your hip in this type of a carrier. Owing to the binding shoulder straps it can be set up to fit anyone who carries the baby. All you need is to adjust the hipster band to fit precisely to yourself and your baby.

The carrier is provided with a hood that can serve either as a support for the baby’s head when asleep or as protection against wind and sunlight. You will find the hood especially useful with smaller babies who cannot hold their head upright yet.

The carrier is made from a special fabric woven the same way as the fabric used for scarf carriers. The material is 100% cotton. This fabric is tough therefore offering immense load bearing capacity yet it can be stretched crosswise quite easily. The choice of such material provides a secure support even for heavier babies yet it can be adjusted to a baby of any size or stature. On account of the above mentioned characteristics, the carrier is safe, has long durability and does not compromise the baby’s comfort.

The fabric is custom manufactured in the Czech Republic. Colours undergo a heat treatment process in order to maintain stability. Consequently, the cloth is then tested to be waterproof, sweatproof as well as spillage resistant as to comply with European standards (the cloth has been certified as Öko–Text standard 100, class 1). The fabric is also tested for behaviour where saliva and sweat are concerned according to the Ministry of Healthcare regulation number 84/2001.

The carrier meets safety requirements of soft carriers according to 13209-2 and is certified for this.

Material100% cotton
Nosnost15 kg
Colourraspberry diamonds
Size0-2 Y
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