About us

I established the brand JOZANEK in the year 2008, during my first maternity leave. The name was given after our duaghter Johanka because the first products were baby fashion products- bodysutis, jumpsuits etc. 

In the cooperation with few skillfull dressmakers we extended our collection in the year 2011 with maternity and breast-feeding fashion. This goods was extremely requested, mainly because of its absolute lack on the czech market. The clothes sold here at that time were very expensive mostly and usually it was not produced here in the Czech republic. At his time we decided to focus mainly on pregnant and breast-feeding women. Till this time the main part of our production is the "basic" maternity and breast-feeding fashion. The key products are nightdress, T-shirts, tunic, leggins, dress and skirts.

In the year 2014 our son Dan was born. At this time it was not possible to handle orders, expedition and production planning by myself, so my husband joined me. It was a big decision but it was repayed and we became well coordinated. We divide time to work and family, convinced that we don´t live for a succesfull business but we run business for a good living. Because of this you rarely reach us at work both at once ( except from morning at working days: 8-12 o´clock ), we devote ourselves to the family. So please excuse us that in the afternoons you cannot reach us on phone and that othe orders accepted after 10 a.m. can be handled next working day. 

As time passed our own closing room was established but external dressmakers still compose the major part of our working power. This cooperation satisfies us and them because they are also mums and appreciate the possibility of adjusting their own time. The stock, closing room and offices are form the year 2015 on one address: Komenskeho 498/2, 417 31 Novosedlice, Czech republic. We don´t run a stone shop on this address. We can meet you there after a previous communication.

The year 2015 was a year of the birth of our another big part of assortment. After our son Dan was born who dhidn´t like to lie in a bed ( especially alone ), I discover the magic of babywearing. After trying out of different variations of "warming pockets" I started to be interested in babywearing clothes. Also because of a lack of it on the czech market and because of the grading requests from our wholesale customers we decided to put in our offer new pieces- babywearing softshell jackets. Because of extreme interest of the customers we still focus on this assortment. Now we offer different designs of jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies for fornt and front/back babywearing, in many colours.

As our childern grow we add to our offer also kids fashion time to time. For babies we have bodysuits, jumpsuits, half jumpsuits, for kids we have leggins, training suits, T-shirts, sweatshirts and softshell clothes which is our number one form the autoumn to the spring ( in the winter we use leggins as underwear ). Except from the caps, sockcs and underwear you can get by just with our collection ( tested on ourselves :-) ).

From the year 2017 we got a unique opportunity to overtake the brand Haipa-daipa which has been a reliable supplier of quality cloth dipaers, covres and relative assortmenr on the Czech market for more than 10 years. With two nice and great founders- Katerina Langley and Lagdalena Bubna-Litic we knew each other for years, since we´ve produced baby BIO cotton fashion for them. The brand Haipa-daipa was the one who introduced a "trunk" diaper to the Czech republic.

We welcome all suggestions of new products or making our goods or service better. We also welcome all possibilities of cooperation which enables us to be more visible and we allow your good project to be visible too. We always have work for new skillfull dressmakers. And for sure we welcome new business partners ( stone shops and e-shops ), not only in the Czech republic but all over the world.

We would like to start cooperation with distributors in other countries. For this we offer big stock supplies and short delivery times.

I hope that the goods Jozanek and Haipa-daipa will make you happy and makes your life easier.

For the whole team JOZANEK Jana gebauerova Havelkova






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