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Business terms and conditions – shopping and claims procedures

Dear customers, welcome in our internet shop Before you start shopping please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

On confirming your order you have agreed with the business terms and conditions stated below.

This internet shop is operated by: Jana Gebauerová Havelková, IČ: 76130037 (business registration number), DIČ: CZ8351152909 (VAT registration number), business address: Osada Dukla 250, 415 01 Újezdeček, the Czech republic

Our business premises are situated at: Komenskeho Street 498/2, 417 31 Novosedlic, the Czech republic. There is not a shop at this address. You can only collect the already paid for goods. You cannot select or try on the products at this address.

1. Shopping guidelines

To find the desired product you can go to the Menu on the left where the items are classified into categories or search for the product by inserting its name into the box on the right, under the basket icon.

All product information is presented on two levels – product preview and detail. The product preview helps for an easier and quicker search in the product menu. The product detail provides more detailed information on a particular item and it serves as a mean to insert the selected product into the shopping basket. You can open the product detail by clicking on the product picture. Most items are available in a selection of sizes. Select the required size and then click on the BUY button. If you wish to buy multiple pieces of one item you can change the number before pressing the BUY button.

You can go back to the list of selected goods anytime by clicking on the basket icon at the top right of the page. You can go back to the shop easily by clicking on any category in the Menu on the left. If you wish to finish your order, hit the button ORDER under the list of selected items in the open shopping basket. Here you will fill in your contact and invoicing data, delivery address, then you choose the type of payment and shipment. Consequently, you will receive an email with an order confirmation and review.

If you wish to cancel your order you can do so by sending an email with the subject heading CANCELLATION to our address  . The order cancellation will be recognized only up to 15 minutes after placing the original order. If the buyer cancels the order later than the fifteen-minute period, the seller may accept such a cancellation only if previously agreed with the buyer. However, the seller is not obligated to accept, as the goods may have already been shipped. The seller retains the right to cancel an order or parts of, in case the ordered goods is not manufactured any more, or the occurance any other relevant circumstances. If this is the case, the buyer will be immediately notified and suggested an alternative option. If the full price or its part has already been paid the correct amount will be fully refunded to the buyer’s bank account or address in the shortest day and time.

If the goods were shipped COD and then not collected without the order having been previously cancelled it is considered the fault of the buyer under the law § 2118 no. 89/2012. The non-collection of the consignment is not considered a standard cancellation of the contract therefore our company will claim full repayment of postage and package. Such a compensation is legally reclaimable in accordance with the law. An invoice with the said amount will be submitted to your email address. If this notice is ignored and the invoice is not repaid within a seven-day period a penalty will be charged for each day of default. If further disregarded, the outstanding amount will be relegated to a debt collector company in which case you will be charged the related costs.

2. Payment terms

All prices quoted in this internet shop are understood as contractual and final. The buyer can choose from several methods of payment depending on the country where the goods will be shipped.

If the buyer opts for an advanced payment, the due amount must be deposited to the seller’s bank account within 3 days after the payment notice has been sent, ie. the payment details including the Payment Reference Number. If the amount has not been deposited to the seller’s bank account within 5 days after the payment notice, the order will be cancelled unless agreed differently in writing (ie. by email).

The payment details will be specifically stated only if the buyer has selected an advanced payment. Otherwise (COD, online or credit card payment) the payment details will not be sent as the payment is considered pending.  If you have made a mistake when selecting the method of payment and wish to transfer the amount to the bank account, send us an email on and the payment method will be changed to your request and you will receive an invoice with the payment details.

3. Shipping terms

The goods will be shipped one working day at the latest, after the payment has been credited to the seller’s bank account. In case of COD payment the goods will be sent one working day at the latest, after the order receipt. In case of personal collection the advanced payment is required (bank transfer) then the goods will be waiting after the buyer has been notified by the seller.

The lead times are as follows:

       Goods available in stock – shipped the following working day at the latest, after the order has been made

       Other goods – if the goods are not available in stock, the buyer is immediately notified by the seller and offered a similar item or an extension of the shipment period

If the seller is unable to meet delivery lead times, the buyer will immediately be informed and a further course of action will be agreed on or the order will be cancelled if needed.

The order is shipped only if complete, ie. all items are sent together after the unavailable products have been restocked unless agreed otherwise. Upon delivery the buyer is obliged to inspect the package condition in case of damage during transport. In case of visible damage of the package, the buyer must check the condition of the shipped goods. If damaged, the buyer is obliged to make a record of the damage in the transport agent’s presence. The buyer must then notify the seller without delay so that the latter can claim the damage with the transport company. Only then the claim can be admitted.

4. Claims procedure

The warranty on consumer goods is 24 months. The respective regulations are stated in the Civil Code. The warranty period starts on the day of collection of the goods by the buyer. If the buyer finds the product faulty (ie. the defect prevents the use of the product; normal wear and tear cannot be claimed!!!), the faulty item has to be sent to the following address: JOŽÁNEK - Jana Gebauerová Havelková, Komenského 498/2, 417 31 Novosedlice. The buyer fills in the claim form in which they state their name, address, email address, telephone number, the code of claimed item, date of purchase and the defect description.

The claim can be dealt with only if the purchase receipt has been submitted.

The claim will be settled by mending the faulty item, an item exchange or a refund depending on the type of defect. The claim process will observe the legal regulation practised in the Czech Republic. The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear caused in everyday use, damage caused by improper handling or storage. Furthermore, the warranty does not entail any damage caused by incorrect manipulation of the item by not observing the user’s manual, wrong maintenance or the product being used in conflict with its purpose. If there is a discrepancy in the purchase contract, i.e. In case of conflict with the purchase contract, i.e. if the goods are not in accordance with the purchase contract, the seller will follow the provisionsof § 616 of the Civil Code.

5. The return of goods

If the buyer finds the product unsatisfactory, the item can be returned within 14-days after the delivery in accordance with the law. The respective product will be sent to JOŽÁNEK - Jana Gebauerová Havelková, Komenského 498/2, 417 31 Novosedlice, ČR. The item must not be damaged, used or washed. The buyer must enclose the purchase receipt or the invoice number at the least as well as the bank account number. The money will be refunded to the buyer’s bank account 7 working days at the latest after the product has been returned.

6.  Protection of personal data and information on the processing of personal data

The operator of the e-shop declares that all personal data is considered strictly confidential and is handled in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll.  on the protection of personal data and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data ("GDPR").

We process your personal data solely for the purpose of fulfilling the purchase contract (order processing, invoicing).  We keep this data, necessary for fulfilling our legal obligations, especially records for the purposes of tax administration, as well as for example, complaints and after-warranty service, for a maximum of 10 years.  At this time, you have the right to access your personal data, the right to correct your personal data, the right to clarify the processing of your personal data and the right to request the deletion of your personal data 

In no case will we provide your personal information to a third party, except for your completed shipping address, e-mail and tlf.  the figures we will provide to the shipping company for the purpose of delivering the goods.  Your personal data (or e-mail) will not be used for any marketing events on our part, such as newsletters, etc. By registering on our e-shop you do not consent to the processing of your personal data.  Registration serves only for the possibility of logging into your account in our e-shop and taking advantage of its content (list of orders, invoices, favourite goods, pre-filled data for other orders, etc.)  In any case, your registration data will not be used for other purposes or provided to a third party.


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