Infant and children´s clothing

We originally founded the Jožánek brand as an infant clothing brand. However, our brand has expanded over time to include other goods. We still offer a range of essential clothing for babies and children. Jožánek children’s clothing use proven cuts and comfortable, durable materials.

Children’s and infant clothing Jožánek is famous mainly for its simplicity and wide range of colours. Thus, you can wear them with other goods from various brands.

All our baby and children’s clothes are made exclusively of cotton knitwear with an admixture of elastane. All colours are health certified even for new-borns. We outsource the fabric manufacturing ourselves, and, thus, we do not rely on the wholesalers’ supplies; moreover, we know precisely the sources of our fabrics and their quality.

Our fabrics are also suitable for sensitive skin; they are soft to the touch and elastic, thanks to elastane. Thus, they adapt perfectly to the child. You can use our baby onesies really long time because they stretch a little even when the baby grows up. And you will be pleasantly surprised that the clothes remain stable in shape and colour even after many washes. Thus you can easily use them for several children in a row (we have tested them on our four children: -)).

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