Softshell booties, fleece inside

Softshell booties, fleece inside

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Warm, soft, barefoot cut. They do not fall off your feet and you can even walk in them.
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Winter insulated softshell booties

- softshell booties, insulated with fleece

- do not fall off the foot even when moving

- for children in a baby carrier or wrap or riding in a pram, for climbing and occasional walking

- they are made entirely of fabric , without the sole, they are not intended primarily for walking

- they have the cut of real shoes, they hold well on the foot even when walking and can stand occasional walk when getting out of the carrier or pram

- barefoot cut copies the anatomical shape of the foot, they are longer at the toe than at the little finger

- wide across the fingers - allow free movement of the fingers, which will heat up even better

- seams leed out, do not push in the shoe - covered with a strip of softsell for maximum water resistance of the seams

And why do these shoes have that raised hem around the entire foot? This cut was created in collaboration with our children, who hate "anything in the shoe", including seams. Seams are often a problem at fabric shoes. The softshell is quite a rigid material and the inner seam unnecessarily reduced the size of the shoe and made it less comfortable. The seam is therefore guided outwards and edged with a strip of softshell so as to eliminate as much as possible the possibility of leakage when walking in a wet environment.

We tried a lot of different insulated shoes for a carrier or pram on our 4 children, and we all felt that they were more "bags for the feet" than shoes, and walking in them without exception was not almost real, they kept slipping off their feet. Based on this experience, these shoes were created and we are rightly proud of them. You can see how he sits on his leg while moving, for example, in the following videos.


  inner length inner width
0-6 months 12 cm 6.5 cm
6-12 months 13 cm 7 cm
12-18 months 14 cm 7 cm
18-24 months 15 cm 7.5 cm
MaterialSoftshell 100% PES + PU
Colourdark blue
Size0-6 měsíců
A review is taken from heureka.czU prvního syna jsem vyzkoušela jiný typ softshellových botiček, měla jsem výhrady a tyhle mi přijdou o dost lepší. Zpracování se mi moc líbí, oproti navlékacím se bezvadně obouvají, dávají na kalhoty, dobře drží. Všitý capáček, který se utáhne, je opravdu bezva řešení, aby botičky skutečně na noze držely správně. V praxi jsme zatím nevyzkoušeli, ale myslím, že budou hezky držet a nebudou se shrnovat při synově lezení a následném stavění. Po naimpregnování snad nepromoknou.
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A review is taken from
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