Kids softshell trousers (autumn/winter), turquoise 128

Belly belt + waist regulation. Elastic bands on the legs. Reflective elements. Side pockets.
Kids softshell trousers (autumn/winter), turquoise
Kids softshell trousers (autumn/winter), turquoise
Kids softshell trousers (autumn/winter), turquoise
Kids softshell trousers (autumn/winter), turquoise
Kids softshell trousers (autumn/winter), turquoise
Kids softshell trousers (autumn/winter), turquoise
Kids softshell trousers (autumn/winter), turquoise
Kids softshell trousers (autumn/winter), turquoise
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Children's softshell pants with knits and waist adjustment

- breathable

- water and wind resistant

- soft and warm-touch inner layer

- reflective elements for better visibility and safety of your children in twilight and darkness

- with elastic bands on the legs

- with a wide, soft and elastic belt at the waist,

- waist regulation

- side pockets

- light, practical, functional material

- perfect from autumn to spring

- water column 10,000 mm and breathability 3,000 g / m2 / 24h

Completely great pants for children. Beautiful, practical, pleasant. Every child who loves to stay outside in the fresh air should have these pants. These softshell pants for all girls and boys can playfully handle wet, mud and frost (here we recommend one more layer under the pants - stockings, leggings, functional long underwear, etc.)

The material used, from which the trousers are made, is referred to as "winter softshell". These are actually 3 layers:

1) water repellent polyester

2) breathable polyurethane membrane

3) soft, warm polyester fleece

These layers together form one substance with a weight of 300-320 g / m2.

We recommend letting the soiled trousers dry and then wiping the dirt with a damp cloth. The material is dirt resistant, it is not necessary to wash it after each use / soiling. Of course you can do this as often as you need to. Ideal for a gentle washing program with more water, low speed and a suitable washing gel for functional and outdoor clothing.

In our offer you will now find products from two different types of softshells - winter and spring.

Winter softshell is called winter because its inner layer is made of fleece, which is always warm to the touch. The fleece forms an additional thermal insulation layer to the cast waterproof layer and the inner functional membrane. But beware! Winter softshell is not a material specifically for "winter". You can use it even in winter, but in sub-zero temperatures only with additional insulation. For example, under softshell pants we give children leggings, tights or thermal underpants in winter. We recommend winter softshell to temperatures above zero, ideally from +5 degrees, when it is below zero, be sure to choose warm winter clothing, so winter softshell is ideal for autumn, spring and milder winters .

With the spring softshell, you can cover spring and autumn, when it is already too warm for the winter softshell, and you can also use it in the summer, on colder days, in the morning, or in the mountains. It is beautifully compact and therefore suitable as a windbreaker and waterproof pants for trips.

 Size table (given in cm):

Size 86 92 98 104 110 116 122 128 134 140
Waist width 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35
Width in the hip area 29 30 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39
Inner leg length + belly belt 24+4 28+4 32+4 36+4 40+4 44+4 49+5 53+5 57+5 61+5
MaterialSoftshell 100% PES + PU
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