Fleece covers M 5-9kg
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Fleece covers M 5-9kg

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Fleece wraps consist of two micro-fleece layers. Fleece is breathable and provides excellent containment when not under pressure. Therefore, fleece wraps are most suitable for small babies who cannot sit yet, or older children for the night time. The wrap is fastened using poppers fitted at the waist as well as legs which makes it possible to adjust the wrap to fit your baby perfectly thus enabling high containment. The wraps have been designed to match the majority of cloth nappies.

VIDEO – How to use Haipa-daipa cloth nappies and wraps?

The video contains instructions on how to use PUL wraps. For fleece wraps follow the same manual.

Our fleece wraps are made of two micro-fleece layers in the following weight range: S 2,5kg – 5kg, M 5kg – 9kg, L 9kg – 15kg.

Each size can be further adjusted by 4 waist poppers/snaps and 3 leg poppers/snaps to create a perfect snug and comfort.


The wraps are made of high-quality micro-fleece (100% PES), which does not cause fabric pilling.

Fleece is breathable material manufactured in a special way to acquire the qualities of sheep wool. If there is no heavy pressure exerted, this kind of material features excellent containment therefore it is much suitable for small babies who cannot sit yet or older children for the night time. 

The wrap is fastened with a set of plastic poppers that ensure a secure grip.


3 pieces of each size seem to be sufficient quantity, however you will easily do with just 2 😊.

We recommend to buy 3 pieces of S and M sizes – the slimmer children will do fine with the size M up to 2 years of age, moreover you can take it in turns using the fleece and PUL wraps.

Size L can be bought later on when you really need it.

Washing instructions:

Wash before the first use.

Wash at 40°C.

Do NOT iron.

Tumble dry at 60°C.

The material can be readily hand-washed and dries really easily.


Fleece is NOT waterproof material thus may get damped.

We do not recommend to wash in detergents containing soap nuts, liquid soap or any other detergents with a soap base. Such detergents may cause damage to the fleece thus reducing the containment of the wrap.



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