Dětské bavlněné rukavice, cyklámen

Dětské bavlněné rukavice, cyklámen, od 8 let

Light, soft elastic cotton gloves. Also suitable for atopic patients.
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Children's cotton gloves

- made of fine cotton knit with 6% elastane

- also suitable for atopic patients - as protection against dust, cold, also after applying cream to the hands (so that the child does not touch the eyes with the cream with his hands, does not rub the cream on bed linen, etc.)

It is also possible to sterilize by boiling, in the microwave, but better by ironing on the highest level of the iron temperature (lasts longer)

With us, you don't have to worry about what you are putting on your skin or your children's skin, our cotton knitwear has the highest class Ökotex certificate Standard 100, class. I (also suitable for use by children from birth).

We do not pack small goods, such as multifunctional scarves, hats, gloves, masks, etc. separately , because we do not keep them packed even in the warehouse. We are able to keep these small goods in closed packaging in stock, so we do not pack them unnecessarily before shipping. If you want your goods to be individually wrapped before shipping (e.g. as a gift or for some other reason), please inform us about this in the notes of your order.


Size Women's Big kids Little children
total length 23 20 14
Middle finger length 7 6 4
Wider in the wrist area 9 8 6
Sizeod 8 let
MaterialSingle Jersey 94% cotton 6% elastane
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