Baggy pants for kids, salmon
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Baggy pants for kids, salmon
Baggy pants for kids, salmon
Baggy pants for kids, salmon
Baggy pants for kids, salmon

Baggy pants for kids, salmon 104

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Lightweight baggy pants for kids. Extra comfortable and they allow freedom of movement for every child. Pants that really grow with your children without any rubber at the waist.
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Baggy pants for kids

- A modern piece of children’s wardrobe,

- They really grow with the child – they can be adjusted in terms of their height as well as width. Children can wear them even when they change 5 standard children’s sizes – if they are skinny (two of our own children have this figure; thus, I know what I’m talking about…

- The pants do not have rubber in the waist, only an elastic knit = an ideal solution for skinny, as well as chubby children,

For extra skinny children, we recommend measuring their waist and purchasing a smaller size number if necessary. They will be long enough; you don’t have to worry about that at all. Thanks to the soft knits on the legs, the child can wear the pants slightly overturned over the knits or completely stretched. We design the lengths of our pants to fit as you see it in the photos, i. e. not very long, but loose enough.

The knit is lighter, so these children’s pants are suitable as an airy piece of clothing for warm days, for playing at home if there is warmth enough or for sleeping.

Babies can use baggies as semi-playsuit without shoes. This is an ideal outfit for children, for example, if you bear them in scarves and stretchers, where too stretched standard playsuit may prevent their legs from moving. But also other babies, especially in summer, will appreciate the opportunity to have bare feet and cool off a little bit.

Older children can enjoy baggies anywhere, anytime. They are really comfortable and allow a wide range of motion so that they can be worn for any activity. We are also very popular for sleeping.

You can also buy pyjamas in this cut. However, if you need T-shirts and pants in different sizes or if you did not find any pyjamas from our designs, you can combine your pyjama from these baggy pants and our T-shirts.



Cotton knit with 6% elastane, approx. 185 gr/m2

If you like natural materials, and especially cotton, you’ll love our knitwear. It is smooth, strong and at the same time, light enough; there is no lint even after many washes. The skin can breathe and does not suffer (even sensitive skin). In our knits, you will simply feel just like in clover.

With our materials, you don’t have to worry about what you or your children wear on the skin. Our cotton knits have gained the highest class Ökotex certificate Standard 100, class. I (suitable for use by new-borns). You can read more about the materials we use here: .

We also think of nature. We pack our goods eco-friendly in packaging made of recycled plastic, which you can further recycle. You can read more about our journey for eco-friendly packaging HERE. Our packaging materials leave a minimum carbon footprint and at the same time, support the Czech economy, as they are manufactured in our country (as well as all our goods).

Dimensions table:


Total length

Waist width

62 33 cm 17,5 cm
68 36 cm 18,5 cm
74 39 cm 19,5 cm
80 41 cm 20,5 cm
86 44 cm 21,5 cm
92 46 cm 22,5 cm
98 49 cm 23,5 cm
104 53 cm 24,5 cm
110 56 cm 25,5 cm
116 60 cm 26,5 cm
MaterialSingle Jersey 94% cotton 6% elastane
A review is taken from heureka.czNaprosto úžasné lehké kalhoty pro doma i ven (15°C+). V zimě nechávám pod oteplováky. Syn i dcera je preferují, protože je nikde nic neškrtí, netlačí. Doporučuji kupovat o dvě velikosti vetší, pak skutečně s dětmi rostou. Kupuji opakovaně v různých barvách.
  • Lehké kalhoty pro doma, do školky, na spaní i na ven když začne být teplo.
  • Nemá žádnou kapsu.
A review is taken from heureka.czÚžasné lehké tepláky. Vzdušné, vhodné jako pyžamo nebo jako letní tepláky. Koupila sem v nekolika barvách pro dvouleteho syna a nosi je doteď! má 4 roky. hodnocení ostatních nechápu
  • Tenoučké, jemné, krásně elasticke s uzasnym vysokým pasem, syn mel vyrážku po celém těle a tyto jediné teplaky nedráždily kůži.
  • žádné
A review is taken from
A review is taken from heureka.czZbozi bych vratila, ale po odectu ceny postovneho se to ani nevyplati..
Velmi uzky pas, vel 74 odpovida 62/68. Lehky material vhodny na leto
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