Waterproof diaper changing mat

Waterproof diaper changing mat
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NEVER USE THE CHANGING MAT INSTEAD OF A BLANKET. The mat is made of waterproof material through which the baby cannot breathe. Do NOT cover the baby with it!!!!! The changing mat serves only for changing the baby and is NOT to be put into a cot or a pram. If you for any reason need to use the mat in the cot or a pram never leave the child unattended.

Size: cca 50x70cm

The mat is particularly practical for a home use or when travelling. It can also serve as a waterproof layer in a cot or a pram. Being made of high-quality and durable material the mat can still go strong after many years.


The top part is made of soft micro-fleece (100% polyester).

The bottom part is100% PUL (laminated polyester). This material is waterproof and fairly resistant to harsh usage.

The two layers are not slippery thus the material does not pile when the baby is being changed and keeps its shape.

Washing instructions:

Must be washed before the first use.

Wash at 60°C.

Do NOT iron.

The material dries really well.


Material100% PUL PES
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