waterproof PUL covers

waterproof covers
waterproof PUL covers
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Our diaper covers/wraps are made of super fine PUL, which is leak proof yet does not present vapour barrier. The wrap is edged with soft micro-fleece to prevent any skin marks around the waist or legs. They are supplied with waist as well as legs fasteners to ensure a perfect fit and containment. The wraps have been designed to match the majority of cloth nappies. Have a look at our changing kits.

Video how to use the wraps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGASMv0iMlc


Haipa-daipa wraps come in three sizes reflecting the baby’s weight: S  3-7kg, M  6-10kg, L  9-15kg.

Each size can be further adjusted by 4 waist poppers/snaps and 3 leg poppers/snaps to create a perfect snug and comfort.


100% PUL (= polyurethane laminated polyester)

What is PUL?

PUL is elastic fabric covered with a thin layer of polyurethane which is breathable but waterproof. Owing to these qualities PUL represents a superb material for making wraps.   Haipa-daipa PUL is thin, elastic and light, moreover it can last up to 250 washing cycles. It´s produced in USA.

The edges are lined with soft micro-fleece (100% polyester). The fleece acts as an extra containment layer.

The wrap is fastened with a set of plastic poppers/snaps that ensure a secure grip.

Tested to be suitable for children from the age of 0 at the State Health Institute.


We do not recommend to wash in detergents containing soap nuts, liquid soap or any other detergents with a soap base. Such detergents may cause damage to the PUL layer or to the fleece lining thus reducing the containment of the wrap.


3 pieces of each size seem to be sufficient quantity, however you will easily do with just 2 😊.

We recommend to buy 3 pieces of S and M sizes – the slimmer children will do fine with the size M up to 2 years of age.

Size L can be bought later on when you really need it.

XL size – if used only for the night time 1-2 pieces will suffice.

Washing instructions:

Wash before the first use.

Do NOT iron.

The material enables a really fast drying speed.


Material100% PUL PES
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