Toddler carrier Dan, full-buckle, grey

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Ergonomic toddler carrier, for sizes 74-110
Toddler carrier Dan, full-buckle, grey
Toddler carrier Dan, full-buckle, grey
Toddler carrier Dan, full-buckle, grey
Toddler carrier Dan, full-buckle, grey
Toddler carrier Dan, full-buckle, grey
Toddler carrier Dan, full-buckle, grey
Toddler carrier Dan, full-buckle, grey
Toddler carrier Dan, full-buckle, grey
Toddler carrier Dan, full-buckle, grey
Toddler carrier Dan, full-buckle, grey
Toddler carrier Dan, full-buckle, grey
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Ergonomic growing toddler carrier Jožánek is suitable for children of size approximately from 74 up to 104/110, which corresponds with an age from about 8 months up to 3-4 years. It has been tested to comply with the standard EN-13209-2:2016 as well to carry up to 25 kg which exceeds the actual standard. 

Unlike the carriers for smaller children (models BC01 or BC02) this toddler carrier is a much better fit for bigger and heavier frames and has been manufactured exactly for such children to suit them in many different aspects. Heavier children can be carried in other carriers too but, once you have tried the toddler carrier with a heavy baby you will definitely be able to tell the difference and you will enjoy carrying again.

Jozanek toddler carrier has a specially shaped sitting area to enable the baby’s bottom to sink into the carrier beautifully while their legs (even with bigger children) keep assuming the ideal ergonomic position (for further and more detailed information on the ergonomic position see in the article HERE)

Our toddler carrier has a unique shape as well as a hipster band padding which ensures maximum comfort to everyone whatever physique you have. The hipster band can be tightened to fit petite women with a slender waist yet it has been supplied with long enough shoulder straps to suit full-bodied men

The hipster band is provided with a safety clip and tightening straps on both sides.

The shoulder straps are 10 cm wide to allow the weight o heavier children to be spread evenly. Despite carrying a heavy child, the shoulder straps will not slide off your shoulders as they have been especially shape (as for example; rucksack straps). The position of the shoulder straps is secured by fastening the chest strap connecting them. This strap can be shifted either way therefore can be placed anywhere you or your baby might find convenient depending whether you carry your child on your chest or back. The length of the shoulder straps can be set up from both sides. Moreover, they can be tightened really short to be able to place your child really high up on your back.

The carrier is wide and high enough so as not to compromise the comfort of older children since they can rest in the carrier having their back fully supported, they can shelter in it or prop their hands against the parent’s body if they wish so. The back support can be shortened by tightening it on its sides.

The width of the carrier can be adjusted by a system of tightening strings fitted in two rows one above the other. This system allows the carrier to be tightened as much as you need.

The carrier is provided with a hood that can serve either as a support for the baby’s head when asleep or as protection against wind and sunlight. The hood size can be adjusted lengthwise as well as widthwise to suit the baby’s size when carried on the chest or on the back. The hood can be secured by hooking it into sliding clips fitted on the shoulder straps. As the clips are sliding they can be adjusted the way you need it.

For further comfort, the carrier has also been padded under the baby’s legs which prevents any sores or bruising. The carrier allows a very easy and prompt setting-up. The detailed description of all functions can be found in the user’s manual that comes with the carrier.

Once set up for you and your baby putting it on is very quick and easy. There is no need to set the carrier up every single use only when your child grows again. Nevertheless, the readjustment is prompt and simple.

The carrier is made from a special fabric woven the same way as the fabric used for scarf carriers. The material is 100% cotton. This fabric is tough therefore offering immense load bearing capacity yet it can be stretched crosswise quite easily. The choice of such material provides a secure support even for heavier babies yet it can be adjusted to a baby of any size or stature. On account of the above mentioned characteristics, the carrier is safe, has long durability and does not compromise the baby’s comfort.

The fabric is custom manufactured in the Czech Republic. Colours undergo a heat treatment process in order to maintain stability. Consequently, the cloth is then tested to be waterproof, sweatproof as well as spillage resistant as to comply with European standards (the cloth has been certified as Oko – Text standard 100, class 1). The fabric is also tested for behaviour where saliva and sweat are concerned according to the Ministry of Healthcare regulation number 84/2001.

This has been tested by our mum-customers as well as children of different ages (for more information see our FB page) with an excellent outcome. Since then we have made slight alterations to our carrier based on our customers observations and we are really proud of the final version. In the first photo a 15-month-old boy is being carried. The photos of children of different size/age can be found in the gallery of colour varieties HERE.


Material100% cotton
Nosnost20 kg
Colourgrey diamonds
Size6 měsíců až 3 roky
A review is taken from
A review is taken from heureka.czNemám zkušenost s jinými ergonomickými nosítky, pouze se šátkem a oproti němu je boží, že nemusím hodinu nic šněrovat, jen prcka nasadím a jdeme.
O mnoho pohodlnější než šátek - prcka lze kdykoliv vytáhnout sedí na drobnou i velkou postavu malý v něm pěkně "sedí" (opět lepší než šátek), není skrčený nosítko drží malého ve stabilní poloze, když spinká
špatně se mi samotné zapíná na zádech, když mám zateplenou bundu, ale možná to musím jen vychytat
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