TESTER: Ergonomic toddler carrier DAN, raspberry

TESTER: Ergonomic toddler carrier DAN, raspberry

TESTER 1 Eur/day- Ergonomic toddler carrier
114,9 EUR
We sew in the Czech Republic
94,98 EUR excl. VAT
This product is not available for purchase
With a delivery company:on request
CodeTESTER-BC03-MALDProducerJOŽÁNEKWarranty24 monthsEAN8595680544583
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You can ‘Test Drive” a Jozanek carrier:

- if you like to test the carrier in everyday ‘tough’ use

- if you like to try washing it and so on (this does not apply to the 14-day period for returning a new product, when the item has to be returned in an original state – tested but not visibly used or washed etc.)

- if you like to prove its suitability for your personal use

- if you like to borrow the carrier only for a certain period of time (eg. on holiday)

- If you like to test it properly without being limited by a return time.


- There is a fee of 1 EUR including VAT per day.

- The price is being calculated from the following day after shipment of the carrier, till the day of return (inclusive)

- The full price of the carrier has to be paid as a deposit; This can be done by inserting it into the shopping basket at our web site shop

- The borrowing fee will be deducted off the purchasing price and the rest will be deposited back to your bank account (do not forget to send your bank account number in the package with returned goods)

- In case of then purchasing the carrier, you will not be charged the borrowing fee (max 14 days). The test carrier has to be returned and you will be sent a brand new product.

  - In case of loss, the deposit will not be returned. If damaged the deposit may be used for the product repair. If it is not possible to mend the item or the damage prevents further use as a test product, the deposit will be not be returned and you will be sent the damaged goods. ‘Normal’ wear and tear is not considered damage

- The test carrier can be fully used and washed (follow the instructions to care)

- The carrier comes with a detailed manual. If in doubt with the set-up please feel free to contact us on our email address jozanek@jozanek.cz (ideally with a picture of the problematic issue) .


Material100% cotton
Nosnost20 kg
Colourraspberry diamonds
Size6 měsíců až 3 roky
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