Swaddle blanket 85x110cm, petroleum/unbleached

Swaddle blanket 85x110cm
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Size: 85 x 110 cm

If swaddled properly the baby feels comfortable and safe as being in the mum’s belly. Our blanket is large enough for the baby to be swaddled like in a cocoon, a method recommended by the renowned Czech child psychologist prof. Matějček. Even the restless babies find this arrangement safe and pleasing. Being incredibly versatile it can be used as a blanket, swaddle or play mat. It is made of two layers of high-weight organic cotton.

Video: How to use Haipa Daipa organic blanket to swaddle your baby

Cocoon-like swaddling. If swaddled properly the baby feels comfortable and safe as being in the mum’s belly.


Splendid, high-quality craftwork

Flat stitching – no chaffing or skin marks

Versatile in size 85 x 110 cm - suitable swaddling, covering up or playing


100% organic cotton

Inner layer – non - bleached, outer layer - brown, green or violet

Certified at International Association of Natural Textile Industry)

Tested to be suitable for children from the age of 0 at the State Health Institute

Double-faced (double-layered) knit fabric manufactured in the Czech Republic, custom-made according to particular specifications provided by the Haipa-daipa brand

Exceedingly high weight (240g/m2) – ensures elasticity, long durability, no pullingand keeps shape

The colour on dyed part of product does not fade

Washing instructions:

Wash before the first use

Wash at 40°C

Iron at Grade 2

Try to avoid tumble drying


It may shrink by 3%

The colour in the non-bleached part of the product may fade (the fabric has not been dyed to acquire its natural shade)


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