PASTELKA cotton nappy UNI size

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PASTELKA cotton nappy UNI size
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PASTELKA cotton nappy UNI size
PASTELKA cotton nappy UNI size
PASTELKA cotton nappy UNI size
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PASTELKA nappy is the oldest so-called ‘Trunk’ onthe market. It has been produced since 2006 and is suitable for children right from newborn through to the potty. This nappy is a perfect fit due to its unique shape. Moreover, it features high absorbency and is quick drying. Owing to the above mentioned qualities the Pastelka nappy has become a favourite with parents as well as other producers. It is made of high-quality cotton terry manufactured in the Czech Republic. It is secured using the Snappi pin, which is sold separately. The Pastelka nappy requires a proof leak wrap which protects the clothing.

How many nappies do I need?

Our nappy system consists of three parts :-). To change your baby, you need: the Pastelka cloth nappy, the Snappi fastening and a waterproof wrap to protect the clothing.

Nevertheless, the ratio of wraps to nappies you may need to purchase depends on various circumstances.

1. It is essential to have more nappies than wraps.

The wrap obviously does not get as soiled as the nappy. Incase of an accidental leak into the wrap there is no need to wash it after every single use and can be changed only when you find it necessary. However, the wraps – especially PUL wraps – are made of very quick drying material therefore can be hand-washed easily.

2. You will only need a few Snappi grips.

A snappi secures the nappy on the baby’s body thus is permanently ‘at work’. It requires very simple maintenance as it can be used again after having been rinsed only. In theory just one snappi should do through the entire nappy cycle yet we recommend purchasing at least 2 or 3 due to the fact that using it 24/7 its durability is about 9 months.

3. How many of everything do I really need?

The major deciding factor concerning the quantities is, for sure, if you have either opted for a 100% cloth nappy system or a combination with the disposable nappies e.g. for night time.

Combining the cloth nappies with disposables:


      • In case you have chosen this system we would obviously recommend to buy a lesser quantity as you can obtain the sufficient number anytime you want to. It appears ideal to purchase approximately 6 pieces of cloth nappies, 1-2 wraps and one Snappi grip. It is enough for one day as you will wash nappies in the evening, however, if they do not dry until morning a disposable can still be used in case of an ‘emergency’.


  • 100% cloth nappy system:


      • Since you will not have a supply of disposables for emergencies it is essential to obtain higher quantities of clothes nappies as well as wraps. If you own a tumble drier we would recommend to purchase minimum 15 nappies,. If you do not have a tumble drier then make sure you dispose of at least 18-20 nappies, 2-3 wraps to a size and 2-3- pieces of snappi grips.

4. And what about the nappy inserts?

We do not usually recommend to obtain the inserts for the newborns. Small babies pee only very little so there is definitely no need to obtain the inserts. Later on when the child grows older thus ‘wetter’ 😊 you can purchase the inserts if you find it necessary. My own children never got seriously wet therefore the inserts did not come into use at all and served unfortunately solely as dust collectors

Shape and size:

Haipa-daipa nappies do not feature a sewn-in soaker but it is formed by folding the front panel which makes the Haipa-daipa system unique

Haipa-daipa nappies grow with the child as they can be adjusted to fit exactly your baby’s size by folding down the front panel (the so-called trunk) to suit your needs

The absence of a sewn-in soaker makes it possible to fold the nappy specially for a boy or a girl to achieve maximum containment

The leg and back are supplied with elastic to snug nicely and prevent leaks

The Pastelka nappy is edged with a plain stitch so it does not leave any skin marks as well as looking cute, even on bulkier babies

Suitable for children from approx 3 to 15 kg, thus from birth to potty

VIDEO Instructions to use you find here:

The nappies are fastening with the Snappi grip, which provides a balanced and secure grip while it is incredibly easy to use. The grip is sold separately.


The Haipa-daipa Pastelka nappy is produced from material processed solely in the Czech Republic.

Weight of terry 350g/m2 is considered ideal concerning absorbency and drying speed.

Being made of 90% cotton in combination with 10% polyester the nappy provides a nice snug fit while the Snappi claws do not leave snags.

Tested to be suitable for children from the age of 0 at the State Health Institute.


Even though the Haipa-daipa looks slim on the baby it excels in exceptional absorbency which can reach up to 350ml.

Using the insert the absorbency is raised to more than 450ml.

It is necessary to wash the nappies before the first use.

The fibre has been waxed at the production so the maximum absorbency can be achieved only after several washings.

Wash at 60°C.

No need to iron.

Tumble dry at the lowest temperature – higher temperatures may damage the elastic hence decrease the nappy containment.

Rinse twice to remove the washing detergent properly

Add 2-3 spoons of vinegar into the second rinsing cycle to prevent skin sores (basic environment seems more likely to cause skin rash or sores).

Do not use softeners as they reduce material absorbency and may cause an allergic reaction .

The pulled-out nappy consists only of two layers therefore drying superfast. We do not state the exact drying time as different conditions have to be taken into account. In Summer with a breeze the drying time does not usually exceed one hour, while in Winter in a damp bathroom at 600 spin it will obviously  be a different story😊.


The nappy weight may slightly differ from the manufacturer’s specifications.

It may shrink by 5%.

It is absolutely essential to remove all wax by washing the nappy (see Washing and drying) otherwise the urine may not get absorbed and only run into the wrap thus dampening it.

What else will I need?

A waterproof wrap

The Snappi fastening

A changing mat

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