Nightgowns for breastfeeding

We recommend taking at least two nursing nightdress to the maternity ward.
⭐It is even better to have at least 4 pieces so that your visitors can manage to bring you washed ones, you will change every day, sometimes several times. Our breastfeeding nightgowns are lightweight, breathable and stretchy, unlike the erary hospital ones.
⭐Due to the high temperatures they keep in maternity wards, you'll appreciate it. The erara ones are usually pretty thick, made of linen, not knit, so they don't stretch. And their necklines aren't always completely easy to breastfeed. A nursing nightgown with an elasticated neckline and nursing insert allows you to get to your breasts quickly and easily, plus it'll look really good on you.
⭐Moms who prefer a smaller, but unbuttoned neckline can choose from our studded nursing nightgowns. The plastic studs we use are also suitable for mums and babies allergic to nickel.
⭐ We work exclusively with certified cotton jersey with a touch of elastane, which are lightweight, breathable, suitable for even the most insensitive skin and will keep you beautiful for many, many years. Our knits do not stretch, do not wrinkle, hold their shape and colour.
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