maternity nurding bra for breast-feeding womeS

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maternity nursing bra ofr breast-feeding women
maternity nurding bra for breast-feeding womeS
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maternity nurding bra for breast-feeding womeS
maternity nurding bra for breast-feeding womeS
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CodeBABY-BRA01-BILProducerJOŽÁNEKWarranty24 months
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This bra without whale-bones is due to its cut and used matarials suitable not only for breast-feeding but also for pregnant women. As a nursing bra you can use it for a discreet breast-feeding in a public spaces buti it´s going to be your favourite also for day and night home use. You will not have to pull down your "normal" bra under yourbreast any more so that it will not pull up while breast-feeding and your baby will not have to fight wiuth your bra while having its meal... :-)

This bra gives your breast strong support but its still very very comfortable. The lower part is made of cotton jersey ( 94% cotton, 6% elasthan ), the upper part is made of a soft lace. On the shoulder strap there is a discreet closing for uncovering of the whole cup. You can see on the detail photo that the shoulder strap stays connecetd with the bra through a slim gum- this you cannot see when the cups up so you can wear this bra after finishing of your breast-feeding perod and noone finds it´s a nursing bra.

Here you find a size table. Each producer has got a bit different size so please measuer your really actual size- in your pregnancy and breast-feeding time not only a cup size changes but mostly also a size ( circumference ) under your breast. 


SIZE TABLE          
BRA SIZE 75 80 85 90 95
UNDER YOUR BREAST ( in centimeters ) 73-77 78-82 83-87 88-92 93-97
YOUR BREAST ( in cm )                           cup size B 89-91 94-96 99-101 104-106 109-111
YOUR BREAST ( in cm )                           cup size C 91-93 96-98 101-103 106-108 111-113
YOUR BREAST ( in cm )                           cup size D 93-95 98-100 103-105 108-110 113-115

MaterialSingle Jersey 94% cotton 6% elastane
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Kvalitní zpracování i materiál. Pohodlná. Pěkná na těle. Také si pochvaluji nastavitelná ramínka. Kojení s ní je snadné, předek se dá rozepnout / zapnout i jednou rukou bez obtíží.
A review is taken from heureka.czS podprsenkou jsem moc spokojená. Mám už 2 roky stejnou v černé barvě, nyní jsem si při druhém těhotenství pořídila ještě bílou. Byla to sázka na jistotu. Zde jsem i na poprvé odhadla správnou velikost :-)
A review is taken from
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