Kids´neckband, black
Kids´neckband, black
Kids´neckband, black

Kids´neckband, black

A neck scarf, winter protection of nose and mouth, a mask or a headband? Our multifunctional scarf can fulfil many functions.
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The neck scarf made of our fine cotton knit with elastane fulfils many functions. You can use it as:

- Neck scarf,

- Headband,

- Protective aid of nose and mouth if it freezes,

- Mask - quick use, excellent grip on the face (for more significant protection against infection and better comfort when breathing, we recommend looser two-layer cotton masks with a filter pocket).

- Cap – fold it in half, then fold one part and you have a cap.

The multifunctional scarfs are single-layer so that they are entirely breathable even on warm days. On colder days, the knit is also pleasantly warm when used in several layers.


Cotton knit with 6% elastane, approx. 165-185 gr/m2

If you like natural materials, and especially cotton, you’ll love our knitwear. It is smooth, strong and at the same time, light enough; there is no lint even after many washes. The skin can breathe and does not suffer (even sensitive skin). In our knits, you will simply feel just like in clover.

With our materials, you don’t have to worry about what you or your children wear on the skin. Our cotton knits have gained the highest class Ökotex certificate Standard 100, class. I (suitable for use by new-borns). You can read more about the materials we use here: .

We also think of nature. We pack our goods eco-friendly in packaging made of recycled plastic, which you can further recycle. You can read more about our journey for eco-friendly packaging HERE. Our packaging materials leave a minimum carbon footprint and at the same time, support the Czech economy, as they are manufactured in our country (as well as all our goods).

We do not pack small goods, such as multifunctional scarves, caps, gloves, masks, etc. separately, because we do not keep them packed even in stock. We can store such small goods in stock in closed containers, so we do not pack them unnecessarily before shipping. If you want your goods to be individually packaged before its delivery (for example, you want to gift it to someone or for another reason), please, let us know in the note of your order.

The dimension of the scarf is 25x47cm.

MaterialSingle Jersey 94% cotton 6% elastane
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