Fleece pramsuit for babies S (sizes 56-62), beige
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Fleece pramsuit for babies S (sizes 56-62), beige
Fleece pramsuit for babies S (sizes 56-62), beige
Fleece pramsuit for babies S (sizes 56-62), beige
Fleece pramsuit for babies S (sizes 56-62), beige
Fleece pramsuit for babies S (sizes 56-62), beige

Fleece pramsuit for babies S (sizes 56-62), beige

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Last pieces
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Haipa-daipa pramsuit is well suitable for walking the baby in a pushchair or when snuggled in a car seat. If you prefer cooler at home this pramsuit is just perfect for the night time as well. Made of micro-fleece, material demonstrating excellent qualities, the suit is easy for care, dries fast thus it will surely become an indispensable item in your baby’s wardrobe.

There is something in stock for the age scope 5-24 moths in this line too – have a look at our Pramsuits


Soft micro-fleece, double-layered


Cut deep in the bottom part – so it fits easily into a car seat.

The seams are placed on the outside thus not creating any chaffing or skin marks.

The back part of the hood is seamless.

The sleeves are fitted with ‘pockets’ – when pulled over they protect against cold.

Fastened with plastic poppers – suitable for children with allergies.

Incredibly spacious – the baby can kick their legs freely.


Soft micro-fleece - 100% polyester.


Incredibly warm.

Hypoallergenic – suitable even for very small babies..

Tested to be suitable for children from the age of 0 at the State Health Institute.

Easy care – fast drying speed.

Washing instructions:

Wash before the first use.

Wash at 40°C.

Fast drying speed – hang on the line or tumble dry at 40°C.

Do NOT iron.

Do NOT wash in detergents containing soap - fleece may lose the soft feel, become dusky and create pilling.


The weight/age fit stated by the manufacturer may NOT reflect the size of YOUR baby

What do they say about Haipa-daipa Pramsuit?

"...Once you have tried out this pramsuit you will not want to take it off your baby. You will definitely fall in love with it as we did. This pramsuit can rival easily with a classic nylon mack snowsuits, we in fact find it a better option for pushchair walks, a cold car in freezing winters or just simply for the night time if you prefer it cooler in the bedroom.  Moreover, if your baby always feels cold even in a relatively warm weather you will be over the moon to have come across something in which the baby keeps warm without being all wrapped up, thus not being able to move. Haipa-Daipa pramsuit is simply love at the first touch..." - Seller www.latkovky.cz

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