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PASTELKA cotton nappy UNI size
Cotton terry nappy. Universal size. Perfect for kids from 3 months age.
12,77 EUR10,55 EUR excl. VAT
waterproof PUL covers
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waterproof covers
14,82 EUR12,25 EUR excl. VAT
Fleece covers
Fleece isn´t waterproof but is a bit water resistant. Air permeability with but more frequented nappy changing.
13,45 EUR11,12 EUR excl. VAT
2,51 EUR2,07 EUR excl. VAT
Diaper cotton terry liner 35x12cm
For a bigger liquid absorption of cloth nappies. Made of cotton terry.
2,51 EUR2,07 EUR excl. VAT
1,19 EUR0,98 EUR excl. VAT
Waterproof diaper changing mat
One side waterproof PUL fabric. One side soft warm fleece- never laying on a cold surface while changing.
17,32 EUR14,32 EUR excl. VAT
Square cotton terry diaper
Untill your baby is big enough for our Pastelka nappy, fold this nappy specially for a newborn.
4,79 EUR3,96 EUR excl. VAT
Set of 3 square organic cotton jersey diapers 55x55cm
Use as a nappy, underlay or a towel. This 100% organic cotton knitted fabric is perfect for everything.
14,13 EUR11,68 EUR excl. VAT
Hooded towel 72x72cm
Size suitable for babies.
12,08 EUR9,99 EUR excl. VAT