Cloth diapers

Haipa-daipa baby cloth diapers are made of cotton terry and secured with a Snappi clip. By using it, the size is absolutely universal, and the diapers will always suit your baby. Pastelka cotton diapers have been tested for 15 years and thousands of mothers.

Our cloth diapers Pastelka can be too large for babies up to 2-3 months of age. Therefore, we recommend tying the square diapers, for example, to the so-called new-born style (instructions can be found, for example, on Youtube). Whether you use the standard cotton diapers of our mothers or our cotton terry square diapers, the folded square diapers will adapt to even the smallest (even prematurely born) babies. A Snappi clip is also used to secure those diapers. We offer square cloth diapers 70x70cm – in the so-called standard size – and 45x45cm suitable for small babies. You can use both dimensions as a towel or multifunctional pad.

Our cloth diapers were the first so-called trunk diapers in the Czech Republic. Their principle relies on the fact that they have a long “trunk”, which you fold according to the needs of your child; for boys more to the front, for girls rather to the back. For smaller babies, thanks to the trunk, you do not need any folded diapers; the folded trunk fulfils the function of an extra absorbent layer. As the trunk can be easily unwrapped, the diapers dry entirely, compared to other multi-layer diapers.

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