Softshell trousers for kids

Children's softshell trousers
ideal children's outdoor trousers for colder days
are not too thick and warm, but warm on the move, don't restrict movement
just don't blow, don't blow, ventilate
⭐ waist regulation + patches in legs = growing pants
⭐ does not let heat generated during movement out and wind, cold or rain in - ideal material for moving outdoors
⭐ so called. winter softshell is combed on the reverse side (hairy), it is an ideal material for autumn/spring or even mild winter, we recommend it to about 5 degrees
⭐ so called "winter softshell". Spring softshell lacks an inner layer of hair, so you can cover days when it is too warm for a "winter" softshell or even cool summer days, for example in the morning or in the mountains
The use of both types of softshell overlaps, depending on the temperature and whether the child has another layer under the pants. I.e. spring softshells and leggings underneath will have comparable thermal comfort to winter softshells without sweatpants. We use both types of pants and cover the whole year with them. For sub-zero temperatures we recommend the classic warmers.
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