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Welcome to JOŽÁNEK,

producer of fashion for pregnant and breast-feeding women, and marginally also the babies/kids-wear. We are from the Czech republic.

Nightdress for pregnant and breast-feeding women, short sleeves, PLUM VIOLET
nightdress for pregnant and breast-feeding women
Price with VAT13,98 EUR
370,00 CZK
Softshell trousers for kids with high belly belt
softshell trousers for kids
Price with VAT19,27 EUR
510,00 CZK
STELLA 2- TURQUOISE Softshell jackect for pregnant and baby-carrying women
softshell jacket for baby-carrying mothers
Price with VAT73,68 EUR
1 950,00 CZK
Waterproof covers, pea green
waterproof covers
Price with VAT12,28 EUR
325,00 CZK
JOHANKA- maternity T-shirt, short sleeve, CHOCOLATE BROWN
maternity T-shirt
Price with VAT13,98 EUR
370,00 CZK
Maternity leggins, long, DARK BLUE
maternity leggins
Price with VAT15,11 EUR
400,00 CZK
Baby-pouch,  ORGANIC, green /unblechaed
Price with VAT26,26 EUR
695,00 CZK
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